My Lucky Bingo Mat

Guaranteed to Hold your Paper Cards in Place.

My Lucky Bingo Mat was specifically designed with the bingo player in mind. With the ease of use provided by My Lucky Bingo Mat, we guarantee it will become the most valuable necessity in your bingo bag. Made of the finest grade non-slip silicone rubber, My Lucky Bingo Mat will last a lifetime. That means you can stop throwing your cash in the trash for scotch tape knowing your cards will always stay put on its revolutionary washable non-slip surface. Bring your Bingo game into the 21st Century today and start enjoying the the game you love even more with My Lucky Bingo Mat!

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Why Are So Many People Buying

        • It REALLY works!
        • It makes a great gift for bingo players!
        • It’s easy to use and care for!
        • It’s thoughtfully designed for the bingo player!
        • It’s virtually indestructible!
        • It gives you a sense of your own space!
        • It eliminates the need for scotch tape, so no more throwing your CASH in the TRASH!
        • My Lucky Bingo Mat is a new bingo necessity, not an accessory!

New Price
Same Great Product

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* Lifetime guarantee*